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Old etched picture of Bow Street in 1881
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Granger/Shutterstock (8707518a) London: Courthouse, 1880. View Of The Courthouse And Police Station On Bow Street, London, England, As It Appeared At The Time Of Its Completion In 1880. Contemporary English Wood Engraving. London: Courthouse, 1880.

Bow Street Police Museum is a new heritage experience coming soon to Covent Garden. Telling the story of the early Bow Street Patrols and Runners, and the Metropolitan Police officers who walked the beat in their footsteps, the museum explores the important and fascinating tales of Bow Street and its unique links with police history.

No.28 Bow Street was once the home of a police station and Magistrates’ Court before its closure in 2006. After sitting empty for many years, this historically significant building is now being restored and transformed into the NoMad London hotel, with a section of the former police station being brought back to life as Bow Street Police Museum. Our museum project will enable visitors to step inside police prison cells and hear tales of those who once worked within the stations’ walls.

Bow Street is rich with stories of investigations, arrests and justice being served. We look forward to welcoming you in early 2021 to learn more about this important history.