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Real Stage Tragedy

Jon Short, Research Volunteer at Bow Street Police Museum, uncovers two theatrical tales of woe and misadventure. When accidents happen and Bow Street Officers investigate, how can the show go on?

Men’s Fashion (and Thievery) in Nineteenth-Century London

Summer Anne Lee, Fashion Historian and Research Volunteer at Bow Street Police Museum, brings to light tales of men’s fashion and theft in 1800s London. They say that clothes make the man — but what if the man’s clothes were stolen, and it’s nineteenth-century London?

Bow Street and Boxing

Boxing has always divided opinion on whether it is a demonstration of physical discipline or simple brutal violence and the legality of some contests put on for entertainment purposes was questionable.

Murder at the Adelphi

Discover more about the untimely end of one of the stars of the West End, how Bow Street officers responded, and the lasting legacy of a theatrical ghost.